Verde Group is uniquely positioned to work with growth orientated business. Our clients are often fast moving, ready for exponential growth and the opportunity is usually unique and time critical.

It's often this drive to build market share that sees our clients explore equity arrangements at an early stage to fund their growth.  

Verde Group can assist with your capital raising needs in a lead or support capacity.   

Lead Advisor

As Lead Advisor we firstly seek to determine the ‘Best Strategy’ for capital raising, then help source the most appropriate investor for your business.

Capital raising can target specific investors, such as:

  • High net wealth sophisticated investors – ‘Angel Investors’
  • Venture Capital firms
  • Private Equity firms
  • Corporate Investors
  • Public investment or IPO

We will identify the most effective strategy for your capital raising that allows for financial capital and secures the expertise and connections you need to give your business the best chance of success.

We utilise our extensive database to help source the most appropriate investor for your business.

Our Lead Advisor services include:

  • Determining your capital raising requirements
  • Reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative capital raising strategies
  • Planning pre-capital raising business restructuring
  • Reviewing the Business Plan or Information Memorandum
  • Identifying and negotiating with potential investors
  • Overseeing the management of due diligence enquiries
  • Advising on management buyouts and buy-ins

Support Advisor

Often our clients have been approached by an investor or are working with a Lead Advisor when we are approached.  In supporting your needs we can act as Support Advisor to:

  • Prepare financial information to support the capital raising
  • Prepare financial models to support the valuation and investment ‘cashflow need’
  • Undertake the due diligence process for our client to support the investor requests
  • Ensure all the internal accounts and records are accurate to support the due diligence process
  • Prepare normalised profit calculations and all substantiation is provided for the investors due diligence
  • Handle all tax structuring and associated queries

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