Verde Group has produced many business offer documents for clients seeking investor funding or for a business exit.

Often the key to navigating a successful transaction is the production of Business Offer Documents. Verde Group has extensive experience in producing these documents for clients seeking investor funding or for a business exit.

Our expert Advisors will firstly determine the appropriate level and nature of documentation required,  considering all aspects of your transition including the level of funding sought, strengths of the offer to investors and most importantly, legal requirements.

Due to the legal obligations surrounding the security of the offerings to the market this tends to be a highly complex business service offering and is critical to ensure compliance.

Verde Group’s expertise, combined with our Alumni partnerships, ensures your business follows a methodical process in preparation of the appropriate offer.

The most common types of investor documentation include:

  • Business Plan - basic
  • Information Memorandums – more detailed
  • Offer information statements – sophisticated
  • Prospectus – most sophisticated

Business Plan

A business plan articulates the strategies and future plans for your private business. It covers marketing, operations, systems, technology, pricing and people strategies that will deliver exponential growth and business success and is often described as the ‘roadmap’ for a business.

Verde Group will support you in developing your Business Strategies and Business Plans with our Advisors strong commercial background and utilising our unique 3 Year Business Summary Plan document.

Information Memorandum

Verde Group has significant expertise in producing Information Memorandum documents for our clients. Our approach in preparing the Information Memorandum is based upon sound commercial assumptions and includes sensitivity analysis to ensure accuracy in the detailed financial projections and plans.

These budgets are then focused on the target audience. For example, the "numbers" are articulated in terms of:

  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for VC and private equity funds;
  • Debt to equity and interest coverage ratios for bank lenders; and
  • Community or program objective benefits for grant providers

Offer Information Statements

An Offer Information Statement is required for raising capital from unsophisticated investors.

An offer information statement (OIS) has lower disclosure requirements than a prospectus and can only be used for fundraising up to $10 million in aggregate, that is, including any earlier fundraising under an OIS. If you want to use an OIS you must be able to include with it a copy of an audited financial report with a balance date within the last six months.

Verde Group will support you in all areas of the preparation of the OIS, including utilising our Alumni Partners to streamline the preparation and legal sign off of the OIS in an effective and time efficient manner.


A prospectus is the standard disclosure document and has the broadest information requirements as it is targeted at raising funds from the public as part of listing on a stock exchange.

Verde Group will manage the entire process, including drafting the documents, working with Lawyers and the regulatory bodies, and ensuring the most appropriate design and review of the document is presented.

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